The popularization of computers in the Eighties gave rise to the research area and the birth of the LSCP (Laboratorio de Simulacao e Controle de Processos) in 1986.

Now called CESQ (Centro de Estudos de Sistemas Quimicos Chemical Systems Engineering Center ), the activities developed at the centre are directed towards the modelling, optimization, and control of chemical processes of industrial significance. Although primarily a laboratory with a mission focused on applied research, the laboratory has strong internal and external links to basic research in chemistry and chemical engineering and to the Brazilian chemical industry. This characteristic provides an efficient feedback mechanism for channelling scientific knowledge derived from basic research into industrial applications and for translating necessities detected in industry into new basic and applied research initiatives.

The environmental issue has grown in importance among the Research themes at Cesq-Lscp. The CEPEMA (Centro de Capacitacao e Pesquisa em meio-ambiente) has been conceived recently by professor Claudio A. Oller do Nascimento, who is in charge of it.

As part of our educational concern, we have developed remote experiments (WEBLAB) involving laboratories connected through high speed links around the world, as part of Kyatera project, which allows learning experiences between diverse cultures.